About Us

Since I have been in the building industry 40 years, we decided to help in upgrading the outdated construction methods and materials…and offer a better house for Eco-Developments in Texas! Those traditional and old, tree killing ones fluctuate in today at $ 220 SF and up and older than 10 years! New lumber construction with comparable features starts at $ 250 and up! Ours start up at $ 199.000 (2bd./2ba. /1carport)

So, I search for the best way to fill that void, and became a AFFORDABLE HOUSING so we began constructing in the outskirts of the Austin Market under a Condominium Law Regime., We, then selected the proven Bungalow style of 1950’s for its durability and endurance but modernized it into a 500% more resistant into a cozy Villas of 1500 SF average approx. WHY?

1st.: PRICE: Our Initial fixed price began in July 2020 at PRE-Sale of $150 up until February 21, Now, in July 2021 with the Vendor increases of all materials. So, our prices were adjusted for cost to $ 185.00 under a Pre-Sale list available until September 10, 2021.

2nd.: LOCATION: The Eco-Development is only just 25 min. from Leander/Liberty Hill, TX. In the City of BURNET, TX. The land includes 11 acres of pristine land, wooded and slopped perfect. Our own water well, own sewer plant makes a green oasis and outside the City Limits.

3rd.: METHODS: These new metal structures are 500% stronger than any lumber erected house; Termite Proof, offer 20 min. of Fireproofing, Tornado resistant for 150 mph winds, because the 100% metal engineered structure and Hardy Plank sidings, also Metal Roofs over ZIP Syst. decking’s and inside finished in regular drywall, and all built under ADA standards.

4th.: SHORT CONSTRUCTION TIME: Build in less than 128 days from SLAB to KEYS the most affordable homes lock-out homes! We love to show by appointment, the Modernized Bungalow method keeping its durable geometry…using with ZERO death tree products!!! All inside a fenced Cluster of only 10 grouped inside a Gated Village of 77 Villas. (Phase I)

Contact us for this exclusive Investors Pre-Sale by email at: